REPCAL鈣粉VIT.D3 3.3oz



Product description: Calcium with VIT.D3 3.3oz Rep-Cal Ultrafine (fine grind) is an excellent source of calcium for all reptiles and amphibians. Scientifically formulated from human grade 100% natural Oyster Shell phosphorus-free calcium carbonate with added Vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium. Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem of captive reptiles and amphibians. Maintaining a proper calcium:phosphorus (Ca:P) ratio in the diet of 1.5:1 is believed to be just as important nutritionally as an adequate Ca intake. The problem in most cases is an improper Ca:P ratio, not too little Ca. Ca:P ratios of common cultured food items are shockingly poor: Crickets 0.13:1, Meal Worms 0.06:1, Wax Worms 0.08:1, Pinky Mice 0.89:1. Using a calcium supplement that also adds phosphorus makes no sense as an adequate Ca:P ratio can never be achieved. Rep-Cal contains only 100% Natural human grade phosphorus-free oyster shell Calcium Carbonate for its calcium source. - "Ultra-fine" powder is readily absorbed; sticks to any insect or food item - Phosphorus-free; prevents metabolic bone disease - Recommended by Veterinarians and Zoos around the World for over 30 years! - Made in the USA!

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